Automated texting with ProgressionLIVE: Best practices and use cases

Automated text messaging is becoming increasingly popular in recent years. The speed of information transmission and accessibility of this type of communication makes it an exciting tool for service companies that want to stand out from the competition.

March 20, 2024 - We have added trigger options for automated text message sending.

Schedule sending to trigger after a certain time following a change in status.

- 24 hours after a task has transitioned to the "Completed" state, a text message is sent to the client.
- One week after a submission remains in the "Submission - Sent to Client" state, a new text message is sent to the client.
- 48 hours after a task is marked as "Waiting for validation," send a notification to the manager for a reminder.

Schedule sending based on data contained within a task.

- Send a text message 24 hours before a task's appointment.
- Send a text message 15 minutes before the appointment time to the human resource assigned to the task.implement yourself in our new automation module.

New as of August 24, 2023 - Add dynamic token to your emails and SMS messages

You can now add "tokens" in email and SMS automations.

"Tokens" can point to different entities in your Job Properties, Customers, Locations, and Human Resources.

Here's what it does:

Dynamic values: Add “tokens” with dynamic values ​​reffering to your tasks, customers, locations and human resources.

Empty fields? No problem: If a field is empty, put a default value to keep the message consistent.

Easy formatting: Bold, italicize, underline - whatever you want. All this to bring out the important.

Notify your employees during necessary steps

Is it for you? : Internal communications can be difficult. Do you need a coordinator to ensure that the right resource has the right information? Would you like important information related to certain tasks to reach the right person quickly?

Usage case: Marc is on his way to a customer, but during this time, the customer calls the office to cancel the task. The task is then cancelled by the administrator and a text message is sent to Marc to inform him of the change in his schedule.

Best practices: Even if in the example above, Marc would be notified by ProgressionLIVE, he may not see the notification of a task change among all the notifications on his phone. By sending a text message, you ensure that the information has been transmitted.

Be concise in your texts, ideally, all the information should fit in one or two sentences maximum.

Be creative with notifications, you can alert your employees, but also simply share relevant information or even celebrate the end of a project.

You can also send an email notification instead of a text message if you prefer (or even both). Use our email automation to set this up.

Notify customers that you're on the way

Is it for you? : Your customers complain that they never know when your employees will be on the site. Your employees complain that customers are never ready to receive them. You would simply like to stand out from the competition by offering superior service.

Usage case: Mario has just finished a task for a customer, he then completes the task and opens the next task in his schedule. He changes the status of the task to indicate that he is on his way. The customer then receives a notification that alerts him that the technician is on his way to his home.

Best practices: It can be difficult to be precise with this type of notification, avoid making promises that you can not guarantee (for example, "we arrive in 10 minutes").

If you're doing a job and the customer is not present on-site, send them a notification at each stage of the job. They will have a tighter follow-up and will never be caught off guard.

You can also send a notification by email instead of a text message if you prefer (or even both). Use our email automation to set this up.

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