Automated item addition - Best practices and use cases

Automated item addition is our latest novelty to the automation module. This allows you to automatically add an item to the invoice when creating a task.

We also offer a "premium" variant that adds automated item price calculation based on the invoice total.

This kind of automation aims to lighten the administrative burden and limit errors.

In this article, we present some use cases frequently used by our customers that you could implement yourself in our new automation module.

Addition of a minimum time charge (minimum call)

Is it for you? : Do you charge a minimum amount for the time spent on a job? Do you have an administrator who must add an amount to each invoice at the end of the work?

Use case : Stéphane receives a call for a small maintenance job for a client. The company charges a minimum of 1 hour on each call. When Stéphane creates the task, the automation starts and a labor item lasting 1 hour is automatically added to the invoice.

Good practices : The item thus added can be modified at any time, so if the job takes longer than expected, you can simply modify the item.

It is possible to add several items at the same time. So if you need to add different fees you can manage all of that in the same automation.

Did your prices increased? Just modify the price of the product in ProgressionLIVE, the automation will always take the price of the associated product.

Don't limit yourself to time charges. You can also manage the minimum transport costs or the administrative costs.

Pre-fill invoice based on job type

Is it for you? : You have tasks that always contain the same parts to be invoiced? Employees are tired of systematically adding the same parts to each invoice.

Use case : Mary receives a call for a swimming pool installation. She creates a “Pool Installation” task in ProgressionLIVE. The automation starts and adds all the parts that are necessary for the installation.

Best practices : If you have several job types with different recipes, it will be necessary to create several different job types to manage the automation.

The technician on the road can easily add additional parts or even remove them depending on the work carried out.

Have your prices increased? Just modify the price of the product in ProgressionLIVE, the automation will always take the price of the associated product.


Premium - Add fuel surcharge %

Is it for you? : Do you charge a fuel surcharge based on a percentage of the bill? Do your employees have to calculate the surcharge by hand for each invoice?

Use case : Dominique must make a delivery in Montreal. The company charges 5% of the invoice as a fuel surcharge. When the delivery is created, the surcharge is automatically added to the invoice and the price is automatically adjusted according to the invoice price.

Best practices : You can modify the % of overload according to the types of tasks.

Do not limit yourself to the fuel surcharge, you can use this automation for administrative costs, management costs for payment by credit, contingency, etc.


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