Automation Module - The arrival of premium automations!

The automation module has been online since January 16 and we can already say that it is a great success. With more than 200 automations created, and this, by more than 20% of our customers, we are very proud of this module and its reception. But we want to go even further!

The arrival of this module was accompanied by an important announcement concerning the direction taken by ProgressionLIVE. Indeed, we have made the decision to move away from individual customization requests. Given our growth (now over 850 customers), it was becoming difficult to adequately respond to all requests while maintaining the quality of our customer service, a priority for us.

It is this change of course that gave birth to the automation module. The objective is to allow our customers to maintain a good level of personalization of their account while freeing up development resources. Thus, we can prioritize the creation of new features that allow all our customers to personalize their account. 

What are “premium” automations?

A little background to begin. Before the arrival of the automation module, many of these functionalities were developed on a piecemeal basis for each customer who requested them. Development costs for these automations were around $500 to $750 per unit.

In developing the automation module, we made the decision to offer the most common automations free of charge, the ones that make some of our customers say "ProgressionLIVE is not complete without these automations" (for example, sending emails , sending SMS, etc.).

On the other hand, we also wish to offer automations that cover more specific needs of certain industries OR that may require greater support from the ProgressionLIVE team for their implementation.

We have therefore created a “premium” automation concept for this kind of automation.

How it works? : You will notice in the automation module that some of them will be identified as “Premium”. To use these automations, you will be charged a monthly fee (varies by automation). These charges will be automatically added to your monthly bill when you activate premium automation.

Note that this fee is charged to unlock the automation, i.e. once you gain access there is no usage limit. You can create as many automations of this type as needed.

Our first “premium” automation will be the addition of variable priced items. This is an automation that will allow you to add an item whose price will vary according to the total of the invoice (perfect for a fuel surcharge!).

In closing, we believe the automation module will allow us to grow while ensuring a good level of customization for our customers. We want to offer several new automations each year (both “premium” and free) in order to cover as many use cases as possible.

As always, feel free to comment on this article or contact us directly if you have any questions or comments!

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