Salesmen maintenance (optional)

If you have salesmen (optional), you can create them to assign them to the designated clients.


Salesman no.

This field is alphanumeric and can contain up to 10 characters.


Name and address

Enter the name and address of the salesman.


Base salary, advance, deduction, allocation and bonus new customer

If values are entered in those fields, they will be added to the commission of the salesman. The amount entered are by commission report periode.


Commission payment

Select of the commissions payment will be done on invoicing of the client or on payment of the invoice by the client.


Commission tab

Enter the global % of commission for the salesmen.

Once the clients are created, you can add conditions by client:

    • A specific commission rate for a client
    • A specific commission rate for a service
    • A fixed commission payment amount instead of a %.
    • A deadline date for a payment of the commission.